Tourmaline chain 40cm


Tourmaline chain 40cm

Faceted beads rondelle 3mm


Tourmaline beauty♥️

The chain with tourmalines 40 cm is a mix of precious tourmalines, sterling silver 925

Tourmaline is one of the few stones that comes in absolutely all colors of the rainbow Each color of tourmaline has its own name and is responsible for a certain chakra
Кожен колір турмаліну має свою назву та відповідає за певну чакру✅

The most powerful and beautiful gemstone.

What is it about this super-effective mineral? We will use tourmaline for the general improvement of body tone, strengthening of the immune system, and improvement of metabolic processes.

Another direction in which the mineral is effective is the prevention of diseases, slowing down the aging of the body due to the natural support of metabolic processes

The value of this mineral in treatment is explained by the fact that it contributes to the normalization of the work of tissues.

The healing properties of this mineral directly depend on the color of the crystal, as it is determined by the composition of the stone.
Therefore, for general strengthening, we recommend wearing a mix of multi-colored TOURMALINES

A chain with tourmalines 40 cm creates an additional protective shell❤️

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