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Since 2005, on the jewelry market in Ukraine.

Constant participants of all jewelry exhibitions in Ukraine in cities of Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia.
High-quality products and a wide assortment of precious and semi-precious stones.
Almost every woman or girl has a status that is complicated. That's what we can say about ourselves and our jewelry.
We adore natural stones, their energy, and the plethora of colors. We love Italian chic and Indian luxury, antique Byzantine designs of jewelry - yes, baroque pearls in any form of jewelry - yes, yes, yes! Unbridled polychromatic reflections of watermelon tourmalines and the variety of colors of Jaipur sapphires.

It is difficult to describe us in one sentence, but in short - we create jewelry from precious stones, Italian fittings, and Ukrainian inspiration.
There are three of us, we are different in age, appearance, and taste. But for 15 years already, we have been in the jewelry aesthetics, and we manage to unite... into a single whole.
Each of us (you) is unique, so we decided to create a place where every woman can find jewelry according to her taste and style!
And that's our exclusivity!

We are a family in the truest sense of the word.
Many of you are personally familiar with us, as we participate in exhibitions and communicate with you. Many of you know us remotely, as we respond to your requests on social networks, as well as answer your calls. And yet - it is we who create most of our jewelry.
AVE is an ode to precious stones, as we have held them in our hands for so many years, we feel their high vibrations, and sometimes it seems like we know what they "talk" to us about...
AVE - Anna, Vladlena, Yevheniia
We are oriented towards all women, each of us takes turns flying to international jewelry shows to bring you truly exclusive and unique products.
That's why our range includes such radically different collections, and that's why our clients are girls aged 16-20 and women over 50.
Each of you is unique, so we don't choose many identical products, most of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind!
Many years ago, in 2005, our mother Evgeniya flew to India for the first time, without sufficient knowledge in gemology and precious and semi-precious stones, but with a great desire to bring something extraordinary and original to Ukraine.
At that moment, as we sifted through necklaces featuring exquisite cuts of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and topazes, we were unaware of the chrysoberyl stone's existence and simply labeled it as a "gorgeous, green gem."

At that time, our mother told us about how in India, people wear diamond necklaces, and we dreamed of bringing them to Ukraine.
Our business is our family, our clients are also our family. We have created jewelry for many of you for graduation/wedding/birthday. We have received exclusive gifts from abroad and have received foreign sweets from you as a thank you. We love talking to you, we are interested in stories about your families, your children/grandchildren, and it is so nice when you send greetings to one of us personally.
Soulful - that's what AVE gems are about.
This is our uniqueness. We are a family and treat each of our clients as a member of our family.
We create unique jewelry for unique women like you.

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