Earrings Emerald LAB

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Earrings Emerald LAB

sterling silver 925

weight 8.6gr

gems size 15mm*10mm

Our jewelry site is pleased to present to you our collection of silver earrings with artificially grown hydrothermal emerald. This amazing stone is created in laboratory conditions, but its appearance and properties are almost the same as natural stones.

The beautiful green stone that complements the design of each pair of earrings is made using hydrothermal growing technology, which allows us to ensure the quality and purity of the stones. This stone is an excellent choice for those who are looking for elegant and stylish jewelry, but do not want to pay a lot of money for natural stones.

Each pair of earrings has a unique design and is made of high-quality silver, which adds a sense of luxury and elegance. Therefore, if you are looking for bold and individual jewelry that will not only emphasize your style, but also leave a good impression, then our sterling silver earrings with artificially grown hydrothermal emerald are just what you need. Buy them now and enjoy the beauty and sophistication of these ornaments.

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