Paraiba tourmaline LAB ring

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sterling silver finished with rhodium

weight 10 gr

stone size is 25*12mm

Welcome to our collection of "Paraiba" hydrothermal paraiba tourmaline rings! These rings are a true premium decoration for modern women who want to stand out from the crowd.

The ring has a rectangular shape and is made of massive Paraiba tourmaline of hydrothermal origin. This stone has a bright turquoise color that resembles the crystal clear water on the beaches of tropical islands. The ring also features a diamond-cut cubic zirconia bezel that adds extra sparkle and light to it.

The rings are made of 925 silver with a rhodium finish, which makes them resistant to wear and tear and increases their durability. They have a harmonious combination of large and small elements, which makes them ideal both for everyday wear and for special occasions.

These rings are not just jewelry, they are stylish aesthetic jewelry for bright women who value beauty and quality. If you are looking for rings that will impress with their beauty and uniqueness, then you need to pay attention to our collection of Paraiba tourmaline rings.


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