Sultanite and pyrite ring

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Sultanite and pyrite ring has a large sultanite n the insert ,that goes well with the silver pyrites, which add more shine to the jewelry and look very elegant. Made of 925 silver with 585 gold plated.

If you are looking for jewelry for yourself or as a gift that will reflect individuality and add elegance to an outfit, then this ring with sultanite and pyrite will make a great gift for your loved ones and friends or for yourself)

Product characteristics:

  • Natural sultanite surrounded by pyrites
  • adjustable free size ring
  • Made of 925 silver
  • gold plated 14k
  • Elegant and stylish design

Please note that due to the nature of natural stone, colors and textures may vary slightly from the image shown on the website.

Sultanite is a stone that has a long history of use in various cultures for healing and magical purposes. It is considered a stone of spiritual development and spiritual purity, and its magical properties help to strengthen the spiritual connection, develop intuition and increase energy power.

Here are some of the magical properties of the Sultanite stone:

  1. Spiritual development: Sultanite is known for its properties of increasing spiritual sensitivity, which promotes the development of intuition, meditation and understanding of one's own feelings.
  2. Cleansing: Sultanite is known for its ability to cleanse the soul of negative energies, helping to relieve stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.
  3. Energy: Sultanite is known for its ability to increase energy and increase physical endurance, helping to relieve fatigue and increase energy levels.
  4. Concentration: Sultanite is known for its ability to increase concentration, improve memory and study ability.
  5. Healing properties: Sultanite is known for its healing properties, especially it is useful for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system and brain.


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