Emerald LAB ring

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Emerald LAB ring
gemstone cut the Drop
sterling silver 925
rhodium finished
smaragd LAB
artificially grown in the laboratory
weight 15 gr

Hydrothermal emerald (also known as synthetic emerald, laboratory-grown emerald, and Colombian color emerald) is obtained as a result of the process of hydrothermal synthesis.
It differs from natural emeralds in its purity, which is absolutely impossible for a natural emerald. Colombian color emerald is completely similar to the best natural Colombian emeralds

Prices for natural emeralds of good quality (without cracks, jets and inclusions) are extremely high and can exceed the cost of diamonds of the same size. With the same crystal quality, synthetic emerald is 10-15 times cheaper than natural.

The retail price for a faceted bright green synthetic emerald varies depending on inclusions from $20 to $200 per stone. The highest quality hydrothermal emeralds sell for $1,000 per stone

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